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Garage Sale Announcement

The annual MEGA Garage sale is March 27th-28th, 2010 and benefits Helping Hands Garden with their goal to install a RainWater Collection System. This annual fundraiser is at the Old Community Center, 422 Melton, Magnolia, TX 77355. It's from 8am - 5pm both days. Donated items (plants, clothes, housewares, furniture, toys, books, magazines, crafts, etc) can be brought by Thursday, March 25, 2010 (from 2-7pm) or on either day of the sale. For additional information please call Judy Rose at 281-356-8743.

Helping Hands Community Garden

WHERE: We’re located in the back left corner at the West Montgomery County Community Development Center (CDC), at 31355 Friendship Drive, in Magnolia, Texas. Click here for a MapQuest map.

HOW: To get involved with Helping Hands Garden contact Judy Rose, at 281-356-8743. Please call to arrange a tour of the Garden or to learn the hours and days volunteers are in the Garden.

WHEN: We are a year round garden! Many of our volunteers garden as their schedules allow. If you have chosen a personal garden plot you may also garden at your own convenience. Our volunteers currently garden on Wednesday and Friday mornings; the hours change with the seasons. We garden early in summer months!

WHAT: Helping Hands Garden is a Community Garden that offers garden beds for individuals or families, Scout groups, apartment dwellers, Senior citizens, or those with physical limitations; and where there is assistance, if needed, by other gardeners. We are trying our best to meet the needs of ALL in the community by offering raised ‘special needs’ beds so those with physical limitations can garden easily.

Our Community Gardening Policy

  • Before you begin to garden you must meet once with the garden director, or a volunteer representative, to learn our gardening practices, how weeds are disposed of, what we compost, how to take produce into SOS, etc.
  • Your garden beds must be regularly maintained
  • The crop you grow must be legal
  • Organic gardening practices must be used (we teach organic options)
  • Harvest must be picked as it ripens
  • You may garden at your own convenience, but please keep the Garden clean for others
  • Any extra 'harvest' please consider giving to Society of Samaritans (SOS)
  • Please alert Helping Hands Garden when you must be away and volunteers will harvest for you giving the food to SOS
  • Please support your Garden with your recycled papers. Drop these in the Recycle bins at the front of the parking lot


  • Why a Community Garden? So others can have an opportunity and a sunny location to garden.
  • Why garden together? By gardening together we can grow a community of understanding and tolerance from working and learning together. We also want to encourage a growing purpose in the elderly & the wayward teen, direction and passion for avid gardeners, and support to feed the hungry.
  • Why organic gardening? We want to teach organic gardening principals because it is healthier for us all, and because everything we do in the garden ends up downhill in the lake where wildlife gets its survival!

WHO: Everyone with an interest in gardening! You do not need to know how to garden! We have gardeners who will help you get the best crop from your plot or ours. Master Gardeners can be scheduled at the Community Development Center (CDC) to speak on a wide range of gardening topics. Please contact us about gardening and about future classes at 281-356-8743.

What Helping Hands Garden needs:

  • 'helping hands' - volunteers (always)
  • seeds
  • bagged pine straw
  • garden tools
  • garden gloves
  • organic ant killer (feedstore powdered garlic works great!)
  • organic fertilizer
  • citrus trees
  • your junk mail & papers for our Recycle bins

'The ONE HOUR Dues Principle’ - Each gardener is expected to give 1 hour each month for general garden maintenance in addition to time spent working his/her bed. This will help keep all plants and orchard watered; grounds cleared of litter; and the areas outside of each bed weeded. With this principle we can continue to offer FREE garden beds.

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